Bing auto-tagging comes to Shopping Campaigns, Image Extensions


Paid search life just got a tad bit easier. Bing has added support for auto-tagging on Shopping campaigns. And those relatively new image extensions also now get auto-tagging.

Bing finally rolled out automated UTM tagging on landing page URLs for reporting in analytics tools — namely Google Analytics — for text ads, keywords and sitelinks in June of 2014. With this update, the only spot auto-tagging isn’t available is on contextual ads.

So what UTM tags get appended automatically? Here’s the list:

  • source (i.e., Bing),
  • medium (i.e., CPC),
  • campaign,
  • content (Note that Bing has started using utm_content for ad group tracking because a formal UTM tag for ad group does not exist) and
  • term (the keyword triggered).

If you’ve already enabled auto-tagging in your account, you don’t have to do anything. To enable it, you’ll find the option to opt in under account Settings.

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