Sergey Brin Might Do Google Buzz

Want to follow Google cofounder Sergey Brin on Google’s new microblogging service, Google Buzz? Brin says he might join in the future.

During the Google Buzz launch event, Brin spoke of being a big fan, even using it to gather opinions internally at Google about a New York Times opinion piece he was writing about Google Books.

Now that Buzz is available to the public, will Brin be participating? At the TED Conference in Long Beach, he told me that he might. The key issue for him and a number of Googlers is that the Buzz accounts they’ve used so far have only been for discussions within Google. Those account either need to be enabled to tap into the public version of Google Buzz or Googlers will have to open new accounts. That’s something Google’s looking at.

To date, probably the highest ranking Googler I know who has a public Buzz account is vice president Bradley Horowitz, who oversees in general the Buzz product. Google Buzz product manager Todd Jackson is here. Many in the search marketing community may want to follow the head of Google’s spam fighting group, Matt Cutts.

Curious about other Googlers on Buzz? I’ve started a discussion at Buzz itself, to gather more names. Know a Googler that should get a call out? Drop their profile link there.

Neither Brin or fellow cofounder Larry Page are on semi-rival microblogging service Twitter. However, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is there. Google also has a corporate Twitter account — so maybe a corporate Google account on Buzz will come. I also maintain a list of Googlers on Twitter here.

Aside from microblogging, Brin maintains his own personal blog here, where he recently wrote of being on a relief mission to Haiti.

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