Google adds the ability to see how people find your AMP pages in Google Search Analytics reporting


Google announced on Google+ that they’ve added a new filter to the Search Analytics report within Google Search Console to let you filter those reports by AMP pages. Now you can see how people discovered your AMP pages within the mobile search results.

Google said they have “just started rolling out a change in Search Console’s Search Analytics.” The feature aims at answering the question, “Which queries lead to my AMP pages being shown in the mobile search results?”

To set the filter, go to Search Analytics and click on the drop-down under the “search appearance” section. Select AMP from that list. It will then allow you to compare how the AMP metrics compete against other search results links. You can also see how the visibility of your site’s AMP pages has evolved over time.

Here is a screen shot:


In January, Google added AMP error reports to the Google Search Console that helped webmasters debug implementation errors of their AMP pages.

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