Bing Ads Puts Estimated Keyword Bid Suggestions In Columns, Adds Keyword Delivery Status Alerts

Bing Ads launched a couple of relatively small but helpful features today. Both bring keyword status and bid insights into closer parity with Google AdWords.

To get a better understanding of where keyword bids stand in relation to the competition, Bing Ads has added estimated bid suggestions for first page bid, mainline bid and best position bid in the web user interface.

This data was available before, but in a more cumbersome format. With the addition of estimated bid suggestions along with the bid landscape tool, Bing Ads has retired the old Estimation workflow — the dropdown from the keywords tab that provided selections for traffic, best position, mainline and first page estimations (click to enlarge the image):

Bing Ad Estimates

To see the bid estimate suggestions, select the Columns icon in the upper right of the toolbar from the Keywords tab and add them to the list of columns.

Low Quality Score, Low Search Volume Keywords

Also launched today are two new delivery status alerts: low search volume and low quality score. Before this change, keywords that met these criteria simply showed as “Eligible” but had zero impressions or clicks associated with them. Now, you’ll have better insight into why the volumes are low or non-existent.

Bing Ads New Keyword Delivery Status Alerts


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