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Facebook Import is now available in Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising is now rolling out Facebook Import, enabling advertisers to carry over their campaigns, ad groups, budgets, creative assets and more from Facebook into the Microsoft Audience Network, the company announced Friday. Why we care Facebook Import allows advertisers to extend their campaigns to Bing and the Microsoft Audience …

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How and why you should pause paid search (for science)

I won’t stand on this soapbox for long, but while I’m here, I want to take a second to advocate for something counterintuitive coming from someone with the title of Sr. Analyst, Paid Search: you should pause paid search.  Not outright. Not all at once. But with the right structure …

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Google video structured data with Clip markup and Seek markup

At Google I/O, John Mueller, Google Search Advocate, spoke about new video structured data that you can use to help your videos gain more visibility in Google Search. The new structured data is called Clip markup and Seek markup and they work to help Google create key moment video clips …

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