Google Advertises Chrome … On Bing!

It’s not unusual for other search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Ask to advertise on Google. But I’ve never seen Google run an ad on another search engine until now.

I did a search this evening on Bing for Google Chrome. To my surprise, there was an ad right at the top of the page advertising Chrome, apparently from Google:

Google Chrome Ad On Bing

What’s that big box below the ad? That’s Bing doing a special “Best Match” unit. It’s completely editorial and not connected with the ad. But above it is definitely an ad — that’s why it says Sponsored Listing.

I also see the ads if I search for just chrome or browser:

Googl e Advertises On Browser At Bing

And at Yahoo, I’ve spotted an ad appearing for google chrome, though it’s for Google’s personalized home page, not for Chrome:

Google Chrome Ad On Yahoo

There’s a chance someone else might be running these ad, of course. But I don’t know of any Google Chrome affiliate programs out there, which means there’s little incentive for anyone else but Google to be doing this. But I’m checking with Google and will update, if it really isn’t from them.

Postscript: Google confirms that they are indeed placing these ads, that they’re always looking for ways to promote their products. Google also said they’ve run search-targeted ads on other search engines before this. As for Chrome, they’ve done ads in other places such on Hulu, for example.

Below, some examples of Bing advertising on Google, for bing and search engines:

Bing Ads On Google
Bing Ads On Google

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