17 days of 2016 Rio Olympic Google Doodles: a full list of Google's "Fruity Doodle" images

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To celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics, Google created a “Fruity Doodles” free game app and used its home page to share the app via 17 different animated doodles — one for each day of the Olympic games.

The animated images, posted on Google’s home pages around the world, pointed users to the “Fruity Doodle” gaming app download page.

For the next couple of weeks, we’ll journey to an otherwise unassuming fruit stand in Rio, where produce from all over the market competes for the title of freshest fruit.

Google Doodle Blog, August 5, 2016

The app was available on iOS and Android devices during the games, but it is no longer available now that the 2016 Olympic games are complete.

In case you missed any of Google’s 2016 Rio Olympic doodles, we put together the full list, starting with the video it posted on day one to demonstrate the “Fruity Doodles” game app.

Side note: Day 10’s doodle played double duty with a fatherly watermelon and his two, loving, watermelon kiddos marking Brazil’s “Father Day” holiday.

August 5: Day 1

August 6: Day 2

Day 2

August 7: Day 3

Day 3

August 8: Day 4

Day 4

August 9: Day 5

Day 5

August 10: Day 6

Day 6

August 11: Day 7

Day 7

August 12: Day 8

Day 8

August 13: Day 9

Day 9

August 14: Day 10

Day 10 and Brazil Father's Day

August 15: Day 11

Day 11

August 16: Day 12

Day 12

August 17: Day 13

Day 13

August 18: Day 14

Day 14

August 19: Day 15

Day 15

August 20: Day 16

Day 16

August 21: Day 17

Day 17

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